About Us

Agrofresh d.o.o. is the leading company in the area of SE Europe, specialized in production, purchase and sale of fruits and vegetables. Annually, we supply 25 000 tons of products, with production of 3 regions: Macedonia, Greece and Albania. Our products are exported to: Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Balkan, UK e.t.c. Our goal is to contribute to higher health standards through continuous improvement in quality and an increased supply of our fruits and vegetables both on domestic and foreign markets. 80% of our production and service processes are ISO approved, and we are currently working on meeting HACCP and Global GAP standards. With sales of 15,000 tonnes of vegetables and 10,000 tons of fruit, we are leaders in the organization of production, purchase and distribution of fruits and vegetables in the region. We lead in apple, watermelon, melon, onion and carrot production, and also in mandarin, peach, nectarine, grape and potato production by share. Using this proven strategy, in years to come we plan to consolidate domestic production, to maintain constant growth and thus confirm our leadership in the region.


Email: info@agrofresh.mk
Agrofresh d.o.o.
Str. Ilindenska, no.97/6
1000 Skopje, Macedonia